I am a big fan of the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks and it’s not just because my niece (Anya Blindside) is a member of the roller derby junior league. The Rollerpunks teach teamwork and build confidence while giving kids a great reason to get off the couch. The league is open to girls and boys ages six to 11 and girls ages 12 to 17, who learn skating skills, roller derby rules and strategy, fitness and sportsmanship.

Wednesday morning, Good Day Colorado Reporter Dan Daru helped spread the word about the Rollerpunks, capturing league members practicing with Coach PJ “Dangerous Leigh A’Zon” Shields. I was so excited to be on hand to see the girls in action on live television. Although Dan didn’t strap on a pair of skates (he said he left them at home 30 years ago!), he still had a ton of fun. You can view the story here.

The Rollerpunks, started by the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls in spring 2010, have also been featured in Westword, 9News and most recently, The Denver Post. The league’s season runs from April to October, but that didn’t stop the girls from rising early to promote the sport. Registration for new members will be held on March 24. More information will be posted as the event draws near on The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls website.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from visiting Little Man Ice Cream this winter. The shop (and longtime client of The Stasko Agency) just launched a new line of “all weather” cones that are sure to keep the chill off. Called Bobo Cones, these creative concoctions pair flavored waffle cones with such cold weather fillings as mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

The choices range from hearty (a savory cone loaded with pulled pork and broccoli and carrot slaw) to healthy (a flaxseed cone filled with quinoa). Made fresh using locally-sourced ingredients, the Bobo cones are available daily until 4 p.m and replace the shop’s previous cold weather fare.

The Bobo Cones passed KDVR’s Dan Daru’s taste test when he sampled a macaroni and cheese-filled Bobo Cone during the station’s morning broadcast a few weeks ago. You can view Dan’s report here. The new cones were also featured in the Huffington Post and on several food blogs including IceCream News.

Little Man Owner Paul Tamburello (who did a great job dishing up scoops for Dan Daru) named the cones after his grandfather, who was affectionately referred to as Bobo by his grandchildren.

The cones make great mobile meals, so try one for a quick lunch or dinner. We know you won’t be disappointed.