It seems that “sustainability” is a sustaining theme for many of The Stasko Agency’s recent clients. We have had a unique opportunity to partner with our dear friends at FutureWave Consulting to spread the word about an exciting collaborative they are facilitating in conjunction with the Sustainable North Carolina Business Council.

This collaborative, creatively named “PossibilityNOW Collaboratory,” will bring together sustainability business leaders from across North Carolina in an effort to create a positive network which will allow organizations to work together to gain resources instead of competing against each other. They hope to come out of this all day event (held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina) with real and tangible solutions which will lead to inspired action.

FutureWave Consulting will not only be facilitating the event, with support of their highly experienced and diverse team, but they will also create large-scale visual maps which will chart the entire brainstorming process. We’ve seen their work and can’t wait to see what comes out of this all-day collaboration. Check out Janine Underhill’s portfolio to get an idea of what these 4′ x 8′ maps will look like. (Pretty impressive if you ask us!)

FutureWave is offering their services as a gift to the Sustainable NC Business Council as part of their “Pay Possibility Forward” program.

Another partner of ours, Grasp Creative Media, will be at the event to record the process and continue the momentum of this collaboration online.

This is a huge event for all parties involved and we wish everyone the best of luck as they launch their first PossibilityNOW Collaboratory in North Carolina tomorrow!

The Stasko Agency prides itself in staying current and fresh with the latest ideas. Keeping our eyes toward the future, we have partnered with Grasp Creative Media, an online marketing and video production company, which is looking to revolutionize the way we use online videos to promote businesses. This is truly the next stage in marketing, and is quickly gaining momentum within the online arena.

Here’s the idea: Companies are spending millions to advertise through traditional mediums. Imagine the costs of a TV ad spot during the Superbowl! But as we become more sophisticated in technology, some of those methods will become obsolete. (How many people with TiVo ACTUALLY watch commercials on a regular day, if they can just fast forward through them?) Now think about how online video is changing the way we take in information. YouTube is wildly popular these days! Many companies are noticing these trends and creating videos to put online, but often times, these efforts get lost in the shuffle and are never viewed again.

Grasp Creative Media is creating an opportunity for businesses to maximize their online marketing efforts, by bringing frequently scheduled, relevant, custom video to their sites. Companies can now use video to attract viewers to their site, and keep them coming back over and over again!

There are already companies out there using similar technology! Check out

We are thrilled to be part of this venture, and hope to find ways to connect clients to newer technology in order to gain maximum exposure in the ever-changing online community!