Forget book clubs and knitting circles. If you want to hang with the cool crowd, check out the Crafty Ladies Beer Club at Highland Tap and Burger. The gathering of beer-loving babes has become one of the hottest tickets in town since Metromix Host Heidi McGuire featured the club on April 14th on the 9 p.m. broadcast on KTVD-My20. Check out Heidi’s great report here and this photo of Heidi in action.

After the report aired, the May 3rd meeting of the Crafty Ladies sold out. Since demand was so high, Stasko Agency client Highland Tap and Burger added another event on May 17th.

Don’t let the name “Crafty Ladies” give you the wrong idea—this is not your typical gathering of women. While there is still plenty of time to share gossip, these ladies don’t come to do all the talking. And they certainly aren’t drinking tea.

The club is the brainchild of Amy Pardee (pictured below), who started the Crafty Ladies so that like-minded women have a time and a place to come together and share their knowledge and passion for beer. Amy invites professionals from different breweries around Colorado to attend each meeting to talk about the beer making process and answer all the ladies’ burning questions about craft beer.

Past events have included guests from New Belgium Brewing Company, Left Hand Brewing Company, Avery, and Ska brewing company (Since Ska is currently without a female representative, we had to make an exception and invite a gentleman).

Don’t miss your chance to learn, drink and mingle with the Crafty Ladies. To sign up for the May 17th meeting please email Amy Pardee here.

Did you happen to take a look at today? If you did, you might have seen The Stasko Agency‘s Lu Stasko and Shelby Arnold kissing the cheek of renowned marine wildlife artist Wyland.

The Stasko Agency worked alongside PR colleague Tina Menditto to promote the Grand Opening of Wyland’s newest restaurant, Wyland’s Ocean Blue, at The Shops at Northfield Stapleton. Wyland himself was present at the VIP reception last night, which drew over 250 artists, media, fans and locals. Even the LinkedIn Rockstar, Mike O’Neil, was there to partake in the excitement.

Below, The Stasko Agency poses with Wyland. (Picture credit: Howie Grapek, Metromix)

Wyland’s breathtaking artwork is sought by millions of collectors, and his nationwide galleries are considered a must-see on the itineraries of travelers everywhere. You may be familiar with Wyland’s Whaling Wall mural project – an epic series of one hundred life-sized marine murals that spans twelve countries and four continents. (Learn more about the Whaling Walls…)

An upscale, fine dining restaurant and art gallery combined into one, Wyland’s Ocean Blue features sustainably caught seafood, farm-to-table meats, and coastal Pacific flavors with local and seasonal influences. A portion of the proceeds from each meal will go toward the Wyland Foundation and the Think Blue Foundation, both of which support conservation of the Earth’s precious waterways. Learn more about Wyland’s conservation and advocacy efforts at

Make sure to check out Metromix’s online photo album for a complete look at last night’s event.