Where did the summer go? It has been a whirlwind of activity at The Stasko Agency, thanks to an exciting new slate of clients and projects. This summer, we’ve been lucky to work with an array of diverse businesses, including Highlands Resource Design, Luna and Jasper (the re-branded Kismet in West Highland), West 29th Restaurant and Urban Green Development.

HDR’s old logo

HDR’s new logo

Earlier this summer, we launched a re-branding campaign for Highlands Design Resource, a boutique furniture and fabric showroom headed by Jennifer Verspohl. We created a new design for the brand, including a fresh sophisticated new color-palette, and helped organize a Cocktail Open House for HDR’s 10th Anniversary. This milestone provided the perfect opportunity to unveil the new look and promote HDR’s unique furnishing lines.

In other news, Shana Colbin Dunn, owner of True Holistic Boutique and Kismet, tapped The Stasko Agency to promote the expansion of her latest retail concept, Luna and Jasper. In July, Colbin Dunn converted her Kismet store in the Highlands, located at 32nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard, into a Luna and Jasper storefront. The Stasko Agency helped spread the word about all the new store has to offer, landing articles in Westword and 303 Magazine.

On the restaurant front, we’ve begun working with West 29th Restaurant & Bar in Wheat Ridge. We’ll be helping the restaurant kick off its fall menu with a Media Dinner at the beginning of October. Be sure to watch for West 29th Restaurant in the Denver media.

Rounding out our new clients is Urban Green Development, which recruited our team to promote the new Light House Lofts, on track to become the second LEED Platinum-certified condominium development in Denver. We look forward to keeping you posted on this exciting new project, located at West 29th Avenue and Zuni Street.

Here’s to an amazing Summer!

Congratulations to all our clients on their successes this summer and for all the wonderful news they will be sharing this fall.

Arriving this summer, the Little Man Ice Cream Factory will open its doors to the public in a perfect Willy Wonka fashion. The shop will be Little Man Company’s fifth opening since 2008, following Old Town Churn in Fort Collins last year and The Constellation in Stapleton in March 2019.

The Factory was born out of necessity for the quickly-expanding brand, which needed a new production facility after outgrowing its original 600-square foot kitchen housed in a converted Victorian. The new space houses a state-of-the-art commissary where ice cream and baked goods for all of Little Man’s stores are produced.

The Factory will be open to the public as a tasting room, serving flights of ice cream and tours of the production area so guests get a behind-the-scenes look at how the ice cream is made. Like many of Little Man’s outlets, The Factory will be big on fun and special features, including a soon-to-be installed metal slide, an overhead conveyor belt to move ice cream from one part of the factory to another and a revolving flavor sign.

More than just an ice cream shop, The Factory will serve as an event space for a variety of activities, such as wedding receptions, kids’ birthday parties and executive happy hours.

We’re excited for the launch of this whimsical new space and have promoted The Factory through a variety of venues. Check out this great piece from 5280 about Little Man’s expansion. News7 also named Little Man a Mile High Must. We look forward to being a part of the Grand Opening this Summer and the future Little Man locations coming soon!

It is no surprise that LoHi has become one of the fastest growing and trendy neighborhoods in Denver that has attracted some of the city’s most unique and stylish boutiques. Last year, Shana Colbin Dunn, owner of the Kismet stores, brought her newest concept, True Holistic Boutique, to the neighborhood in the former Goldyn space near the old Olinger Mortuary, now home of Linger and the original Little Man Ice Cream. The Stasko Agency is very excited to work with Shana and her team to bring awareness of all that True has to offer.

True is much more then a retail clothing store; it is a holistic boutique that brings an eclectic mix of elegant, easy-to-live-in clothing, plus one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, home décor, wellness lotions and potions, and a space to experience Wellness Wednesdays and Self-care Sundays. Each week, True provides classes or opportunities to nurture you and your soul.  

We were fortunate enough to participate in True’s last event, a Mala Making Class, where Sarita Shrestha and Bryan McRea, from Tibet Imports, walked us through the meaning and process of making a personal Mala. This event brought women from all walks of life together to create something beautiful. Each Mala’s precious stones were chosen for the participant based on her birthday and sign. This is a “true” example of the experience Shana is bringing to her new location in LoHi. We look forward to sharing this journey with Shana and promoting her and all her concepts, Kismet, True Holistic Boutique, and the newest store, Luna and Jasper, as well as and the unique classes and experiences that Shana will be sharing with you.

Upcoming events include 5/5@5:00 – a Small Group Styling Session for five ladies.  The True stylists will hand pick 5 essential items just for you.  This is a chance to meet new and interesting women, drink wine, and get your style on!  Space is limited to just five women, event starts at 5:00pm.  Multiple dates and locations available.  Visit 5-5atfive.eventbrite.com

On June 5th come enjoy a night with Medium Marla Mitchell at True LoHi.  The evening will include a discussion on what happens when you die and where do you go, a meditation to connect with loved ones on the other side, and a private psychic medium reading for all guests.  The event is from 7:00pm – 9:00pm and cost $100 per person, truemarla.eventbrite.com. For more information on upcoming events at True Holistic Boutique visit: trueholisticboutique.com/trueyou .


Little Man Ice Cream’s newest concept, The Constellation, landed in Stapleton at the Eastbridge development and celebrated its Grand Opening on March 30th.  The Constellation Ice Cream shop is named after The Constellation or “Connie,” a four-engine airliner built by Lockheed Martin, an airliner that revolutionized the mid-20th century.  The ice cream shop is housed in a 75-foot replica of the Constellation airplane wing.  The wing suspends over Martin Luther King Boulevard, paying tribute to the former Stapleton International Airport.

The maiden voyage Grand Opening was a smashing success, celebrated with hundreds of Little Man Ice Cream fans.  Customers were encouraged to bring a piece of luggage in order to receive a baggage claim ticket that would be entered into a drawing for a trip for 4 to New York City!  Congratulations to the Little Man staff for a remarkable opening and for bringing a piece of history to yet another community.

The Constellation is the fourth ice cream concept developed by Paul Tamburello, founder of Little Man Ice Cream.  The Stasko Agency was hired by Tamburello to promote the first concept, Little Man Ice Cream, a 28-foot-tall replica of an antique Milk Can back in 2008.  Over the past ten years, The Stasko Agency has provide publicity and public relations services for Paul Tamburello and the Little Man brands.  Tamburello has two more concepts on tap for 2019, a soft serve shop called Dang and a Little Man Ice Cream shop at Denver International Airport, a testament to the iconic status of the brand.

Since last autumn, we have had the chance to work with and represent Jason McGovern and Crush Pizza + Tap (formally Denver Deep Dish). To put it lightly – Jason and his team are CRUSHing it! They have successfully gone through a name change and rebranding, and have expanded their menu to include a broader array of pizza styles.

Jason McGovern, Owner Crush Pizza + Tap

The Lower Highland pizzeria, which has won awards and loyal fans for its deep-dish pies, now offers a hand-tossed variety and a Sicilian, thick-crust style. Dining Out highlighted the restaurant’s unique offerings in its recent round-up Denver pizzerias.

Jason McGovern, the owner of Crush Pizza + Tap, has graciously hosted fundraising events including a Girls on the Run dinner for a group of students from the University of Denver and a non-profit fundraiser for Project PAVE. He sponsored the first HUNI Happy Hour of the year for the LoHi community. He has also provided tenant Happy Hours for the local apartments and has offered special discounts for the local schools, businesses, and the neighborhood.

The new name Crush Pizza + Tap has been received with open arms from the food media and local broadcasts. Jason has become a regular on the Modern Eater Radio Show. He also drew some well-deserved media attention for his Pizza Challenge, eating pizza every day for over 90 days and he is still going! Check out these pieces in Westword and on the Everyday Show about his pizza-eating adventure.

On March 9, 2019, Crush celebrated its 4th anniversary with live music and a large crowd of loyal fans. I think everyone who experiences Crush Pizza + Tap will agree that Jason and his staff go above and beyond to make you feel special and welcomed. And of course, the pizza is something that will leave you wanting more. If you ask us, “Who is our Crush?” we would have to say Jason McGovern and Crush Pizza + Tap!





Spring is finally in the air and as we see signs of nature waking up, it is a good reminder to reawaken your marketing efforts, which may have gone dormant during the winter.

If it has been a while since you have initiated a publicity or promotional campaign, now is the time to do just that and to breathe some new life into your business. Below are some steps you can take today that can attract some attention for you and your business in the months to come:

Step 1: Connect with the media through a news release or a pitch about your business. If you are launching a new business, sending a news release to the media is a great way to let the media and the public know about your new company. However, even if you have been in business awhile, you might be engaged in activities that could be considered newsworthy. Did you add a new product, service, or menu offering? Did you hire some new talent? Or did you promote someone from within your company? These updates provide a good reason to reach out to the media and let them know that you are still in business and doing well.

Step 2:   Host a media event. It is one thing to send a news release or a pitch to the media, but hosting an event designed specifically for media is a more proactive way to gain attention for your business. For example, if you own a spa, why not host a spa night where you provide mini-versions of the services you most want to highlight. If you’re a developer, you could host an open house to allow the media to get better educated about your projects. Whatever the focus, media events offer the chance to connect in person and to provide more information in a hands-on way.

Step 3:    Free promotional cards. If you are in a business that depends on new customers or clients, a promotional card that offers something for free or at a discount, is an excellent way to have new potential customers sample your business or services. Once you get a new customer in your door, you have a great opportunity to show them what makes your business special and/or unique. And remember if you want them to return, be sure to say, “we look forward to seeing you again soon!”

Step 4:   Community Outreach. I am big believer in working with the community in which you do business. Your community can be the lifeline of your business, so it is important to connect with them on a one-on-one basis. I suggest researching the Resident Neighborhood Organizations (RNO) in your area to explore how you can connect with the residents in your community. You might offer to host one of the RNO’s monthly meetings to get acquainted with your neighbors. Research other groups within your neighborhood that may be worth supporting and performing outreaching to including, mommy groups, sports leagues, schools and nonprofits.

Step 5: Direct mail campaigns. Combining direct mail with your social media marketing and publicity efforts is a powerful combination. Direct mail makes it easy to target your audience and to increase your brand recognition. If done on a consistent basis, it will help amplify the results of any marketing, promotion, or publicity campaign.





While I absolutely love being an entrepreneur, there’s no doubt that the life of a business owner can get lonely. To combat that isolation, I’ve built a network of colleagues who have valuable insight and can serve as great sounding boards when challenges arise. I also like to think that my perspective can prove helpful when my fellow entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with a public relations or marketing issue.

For example, a few months ago, a few of my colleagues were trying to figure out how to test an exciting new concept publicly. The duo – Janine Underhill and Dana Wasson – both graphic facilitators, were interested in piloting a new interactive event offering called a “Listening Lab Pop-Up.” The event provides a platform for attendees to share what’s meaningful to them, while their thoughts and ideas are captured on a Listening Wall that organizers can use to identify trends or themes.

When I heard about the idea, I instantly started thinking about all the different events where a Listening Pop-Up could prove useful – from community development forums where developers are trying to gauge reaction to a project from neighborhood residents to a focus group where a corporation might be trying to connect with consumers – the possibilities seemed endless.

Another obvious option was tapping the Listening Pop-Up for political candidates hoping to reach voters. So, I connected with Denver Mayoral Candidate Jamie Giellis, who I knew was going to be hosting a fundraiser to raise awareness about her campaign. I thought the event could serve as the perfect platform to launch the Listening Pop-Up.

Luckily, Jamie and her team jumped on the idea. Knowing that she would never be able to talk to each and every person who attended the event, Jamie viewed the Listening Pop-Up as a way to really “hear” what her constituents wanted to say even if she couldn’t interact with them all directly. She developed three questions for attendees and then Janine and Dana recorded their responses for Jamie’s future use. This approach allowed Jamie to gather so much more information than she could have done going door to door.

I’m excited to share that other mayoral candidates have expressed interest in hosting their own Listening Pop-Ups. I am also working with Janine and Dana to approach Governor Polis about using the format for his policy work. We see lots of opportunities on the horizon to share this special tool. For more information on the Listening Pop-Up, visit https://www.epiphanylabpopup.com

And remember, collaboration can be crucial in pushing new ideas from conception to implementation!





LoHi Community Opens “Pedestrian Bridge”

This is the time of year when many business owners start thinking about how to give back to their communities. While the holidays are a great time to show your support for a local cause, at The Stasko Agency, we believe contributing to your community shouldn’t be a seasonal thing.

We’ve noticed that some of our most successful clients are often those who are committed to giving year-round. In fact, community involvement is one of the key elements we look for when engaging with a new client. We want to help our clients figure out how to best serve the community in which they operate.

That’s because a community is the strongest when the residents support their local businesses and services and when the business owners help support community events and efforts. It is a win/win when the residents and merchants work In-tandem and take pride in the area where they work and live.

When a business invests in its community, both through financial contributions and volunteering, it is helping secure the future for the community. Think about the neighborhoods where you like to spend time. Those areas often feature a variety of activities that succeed because of resident participation and merchant support.

Of course, for new business owners, determining how and where to best allocate your resources can be a daunting task. If you’re new to an area, it might be difficult to even know where to start.

Sarto’s and JPUN Community Host “Jefferson Square Holiday Affair”

Here are some strategies for business-owners looking to increase their community involvement:

  • Research the area and get to know the boundaries of the neighborhood. This will help you determine a “community target market.”
  • Become a member of the RNO (Resident Neighborhood Organization). If the community is smaller, they might have a Business Alliance within the RNO group. If the community is larger there is likely a group just for the merchants, usually a Merchant Association. Being involved in these groups will help expose you to the members of your community, fellow merchants, and will offer you great insight into the happenings and events taking place in the community
  • Once you establish your name and business with these groups, look for opportunities to volunteer your time, services, or merchandise to local events or for fundraisers. This will start to raise your presence in the community and will let leaders know that you are ready and willing to help.
  • Host a Happy Hour for all residents and fellow merchants. Invite them to come see your place of business and provide food (preferably from a local restaurant) and drinks. Take a moment to welcome your guests and tell them about your business. This is one of the most effective ways to market your business and “correctly” tee-up your word-of-mouth marketing. Be sure to have your guests wear a name tag, so you can start to know and identify community members easily.
  • Identify a cause or organization you can support in a variety of ways. For example, if education is your passion, you can team with schools on fundraising projects or provide learning opportunities for students or showcase schools programs or projects in your shop.

We have more than 20 years of experience helping clients make key community connections and are happy to guide you if you need support. Click here to contact us.


When you’re struggling to find new ways to promote your business, it sometimes pays to let history be your guide. The 125-year-old Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs offers a good example of how your past can provide powerful inspiration. When we started working with the hotel more than a decade ago, we quickly began brainstorming about events that could celebrate Hotel Colorado’s rich history, while providing guests a new reason to visit.

After a little research, we discovered that Glenwood was one of the first places in the United States to experience the sport of polo, thanks to Hotel Colorado’s founders, Walter Devereux and Harvey Lyle. The pair were championship polo players and formed the Glenwood Polo and Racing Association. When the hotel was completed in 1893, Devereux and Lyle included polo grounds on-site for the use of the guests and staged the area’s first polo match as part of the opening celebration.

Polo eventually gave way to other more popular pastimes in Glenwood, but we thought it might be worth resurrecting the sport to attract polo fans from near and far. So, we helped the Hotel Colorado re-launch the Devereux Cup and promoted the event every summer for several years. The tournament was held at Stout Ranch at Baldy Creek, owned by Hotel Colorado’s polo team captain, Barry Stout. At 8,000 feet, the site has the distinction of serving as one of the highest points where polo has been played. Click here to read this colorful article from the Glenwood Springs Post-Independent about the first Devereux Cup tournament at Stout Ranch.

In addition to non-stop action, the Devereux Cup also featured a meet-the-players gala and an awards banquet, both hosted by Hotel Colorado. We developed and marketed a special polo tournament package for visitors to capitalize on all the activities available. Our efforts to promote the event elevated Hotel Colorado’s profile in many local and regional publications and garnered attention in polo industry media outlets as well.

          Celebrating Hotel Colorado’s history allowed us to create a new attraction for the hotel that drew interest from locals because of its novelty, while also offering polo aficionados another opportunity to support their sport. And because Hotel Colorado was once a polo hub, a revival of the sport made perfect sense.

We’re convinced that every business owner should consider mining their heritage for promotional ideas. Even if you’re a relatively new operation, the town or city where you’re based might offer historical nuggets worth exploring. Our experience shows that taking a walk down memory lane is worth the trip.