Greg Sands owned and operated automotive repair shops in several states when he approached The Stasko Agency about publicizing a new venture he had launched to market direct mail services to other repair shop owners.  The company, Mudlick Mail, was established in 2010 and sprang from Sands’ frustration with the current direct mail offerings in the market.

The Challenge

Mudlick Mail was an unknown entity competing against well-established, direct marketing giants. Though Sands had visibility and connections in the auto repair industry, he needed help building on his name recognition and telling the story about how direct mail had positively impacted his shops. Our key challenge was to bring as much exposure to Mudlick Mail as possible

The Solution

Focused on developing Mudlick’s reputation as the premier source for direct mail services in the automotive repair industry:

  • Created news releases announcing Mudlick Mail’s launch and the key benefits of its programs.
  • Positioned Greg Sands as an industry expert by writing contributing articles under his byline for key industry trade publications.
  • Coordinated speaking opportunities and scheduled “meet and greets” with media at various automotive Industry conventions and trade shows.
  • Researched association and partnership opportunities for Mudlick Mail to cast a wider net of exposure in the automotive industry.
  • Nominated Greg Sands and other management team members for business awards and other types of recognition.

The Results

Mudlick Mail has become one the most recognizable direct mail companies serving the automotive industry.

  • Mudlick Mail has posted double-digit growth for the past eight years.
    The company’s sales have grown to $48 million during the launch of Mudlick Mail to present day – sales have grown to $48 million.
  • Mudlick Mail has been featured in a wide range of outlets from industry publications such as MotorAge Magazine, Shop Owner Magazine, Ratchet + Wrench, Auto, Inc. Parts & People, to more general business publications including Franchise Magazine and the Denver Business Journal.
  • Greg Sands is now widely considered a thought leader on marketing and management in the automotive circles thanks in part to a monthly column he contributed to MotorAge Magazine and appearances on the cover of Ratchet and Wrench magazine.
  • In February 2018 Mudlick Mail’s growth captured the attention of private equity firm, Clearview Capital, which has acquired a majority stake in the firm. The acquisition should help Mudlick continue to expand and increase sales. The Stasko Agency remains the publicity company of record and is working to garner media attention in new markets such as the dental and HVAC industries.