Housed in a 28-foot steel replica of an old-fashioned milk can in Denver’s historic Highland neighborhood, Little Man Ice Cream opened in 2008. More than just an ice cream emporium, the shop serves as a community gathering point, hosting vintage movie screenings, musical performances and seasonal celebrations. Little Man also helps fight hunger through its “Scoop for Scoop” initiative. For every scoop of ice cream the shop sells, one scoop of rice is donated to villages in developing countries. Donations have been made in Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Senegal, Haiti and Peru. Most recently, Little Man had donated over 22,000 lbs of rice and 400 pairs of shoes in communities in Cambodia.  Since 2008, the shop has donated more than 1 million scoops. For his commitment to the community, Little Man Owner Paul Tamburello was honored 2013 with the Georgia R. Imhoff Philanthropist Award.