As 2012 began, I spent some time reflecting on ways we can bring even more value to our clients. Networking, making connections, and interacting with media can present some of the biggest challenges to professionals and organizations.
With this in mind, I am excited to announce three new services that Stasko Agency will offer this year:
Networking Strategy Sessions:
Participants in this two hour session will learn the art of networking, and why it is so important in personal and professional life.
From the socially comfortable to the very shy, participants will come away feeling more confident about building relationships with people who can be potential clients or business resources. Topics include what to say and do at social events, whom to speak with, and how to use time wisely. Anyone interested in expanding their business or social networks will benefit from this session. Networking is also a great tool for anyone who is job hunting or changing careers.
Rates for this service are based on an hourly fee. 
Resource Builder:
With this new service I will leverage the media and business contacts I have cultivated for years, and facilitate valuable connections for my clients.
We will start with an intake session to determine if there are quality connections in my resource bank. When I locate resources that might assist you in reaching your goals and objectives, I will set up an introductory meeting and will attend with you to better explain why I feel these two people will be a good match. There is always a specific reason why I think people should meet each another, even if it’s not obvious from the start.
Rates for this service vary by project.
Media Training:
My clients often comment that interacting with the media can be intimidating. Our media training sessions will help ease your jitters and guide you through communicating your messages confidently and effectively to the media.
We partner with Scoop PR principal Erika Gonzalez to provide this media training, which includes a primer on how the media works, offers strategies for creating clear and compelling messages, and gives hands-on practice through mock interviews.
A veteran journalist, Erika worked as a reporter for the Denver Business Journal, Boulder Daily Camera and Rocky Mountain News, where she served as a staff writer for more than a decade. She was also a chief spokesperson for the Colorado Lottery, where she was interviewed regularly by a variety of local and national media outlets.
Our media training services are available on either an hourly or project fee basis depending on the number of participants seeking training.
For more information contact me at 303-477-9902 or email

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