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Lu and the folks at Stasko continually go the extra mile and always have our best interests at heart helping us with our P.R. efforts in the Denver and Boulder markets. We are relatively new to each of these markets, so having Lu and her team of professionals working as our boots on the ground has been invaluable.

Andy Ecton
Marketing Manager, Southern Land Company

Lu and her team were so committed and passionate about the work we were trying to accomplish in our community and organization, it was as if they were a part of our family! You don’t normally get that with most consultants. The City of Wheat Ridge received a tremendous amount of value from working with the Stasko Agency.

Patrick Goff
City Manager, City of Wheat Ridge

It has been a pleasure to work with the Stasko Agency.  They were incredibly successful in getting our message to the market.

Tim Craft
Principal, Craft Companies

After thirty years in Healthcare, how could I start my own business with minimal experience?  How would I reach potential clients and inform them how I can help?  Then I found The Stasko Agency.  Lu’s creative ideas and connections have made my business grow.  Clients are contacting me as a result of her guidance.  Working with the Stasko Agency was truly time well spent.

Lisa Bushman

Mudlick Mail relies on the Stasko Agency for all of our public relations and content needs. As a rapidly growing company, we know how important it is to present the best possible image to the public. Lu and her team do a great job of understanding who we are as a company and what are our goals. They take that knowledge and turn it into a plan that has proven, measurable results.

Tim Ross
CEO and President – Mudlick Mail

Working with someone like Lu, was a big decision for us,  but WOW! Lu’s ability to connect us with the people that need our services is uncanny and has been for many, many years. Lu knows way more than just names – she KNOWS the people that she is putting together. It has been a wonderful and profitable experience for us.

Kenton Kuhn
Co-Founder Blacktie and Founder of Local Link Network

Lu is one of those people Malcom Gladwell calls “Connectors”: someone who knows lots of other people, are harder to find than you think. What’s more, she does special work of finding ways for people and companies to profit. Her use of viral marketing tools further leverages her abilities, allowing her to expand her already massive network and talents into cyberspace.

Allen McLain
Executive Producer, Skytheory

Lu Stasko approaches every client with passion and creativity!  She will stay focused until the job is done!  Connections is what she’s all about, you will be amazed with her network

Paul Tamburello
Developer and Visionary

I have always counted on Lu when I needed someone to work on a difficult and challenging task.  She has been a partner for success.  She is professional, hardworking, dedicated and most importantly, optimistic. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Ira Frosch
President, Palazzo, Inc.

We are very pleased with Lu’s efforts on our part.  I was especially impressed by her dedication to the project.  When our focus wandered to other details of the business, Lu kept us on task.

Wally Hultin
Byers Street Properties

We continue to be more than simply pleased by Lu’s delivery and performance. The very real sense that I get is that Lu is only happy when she delivers tangible results for her clients. She becomes so committed to us as her client—and does so in such a personal way—that our passion seems to fire her to excel.

David Zucker
Zocalo Community Development

When Lu recommends a restaurant for my show, a Gabby dinner or simply a review,  I can’t go wrong. She makes sure her clients understand my expectations and they always deliver. I love working with her because she understands my needs and never wastes my time.

Pat Miller
The Gabby Gourmet

The Stasko Agency under Lu’s leadership integrated seamlessly with my team thereby allowing us to maximize our brand & visibility surrounding substantive public policy issues in the Denver/Boulder markets.

Henry G. Cisneros
Former US Secretary of HUD and Executive Chairman of CityView

When it came to attracting media coverage for our summer institute, time was of the essence.  Lu and her team fully grasped the importance of our timeframe and hit the ground running. They quickly absorbed the details of our program and developed compelling press materials to tell our story. Their efforts not only garnered media attention, but also helped us build valuable connections to expand the reach of our educational initiatives.

Kevin Cloud
Executive Director, The Dawson Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Lu has helped change the way we interact with the media and our members.  We now recognize that both audiences are hungry for the information we provide and with Lu’s assistance, we’ve developed more creative ways to communicate. From happy hour networking events to expert panels, Lu’s ideas have sparked positive feedback and more exposure for the many services we provide.

Lorrie Ray
Employers Council

Working with Lu Stasko has been nothing short of a professional and delightful experience. As a news anchor and segment producer, I depend on Lu for pertinent, substantive material that will enhance our program. I know that when Lu refers me to a topic of interest, it will indeed be worth my while. My time is extremely limited as is the room we have when booking shows. I truly appreciate Lu’s standards of professionalism and reliability and see her as the best tool I have to assist in putting the best product on the air possible.

Shaul Turner
Fox 31

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