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The Stasko Agency

Who We Are

Helping visionaries achieve their project milestones


Lu Stasko is a marketing and public relations expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs, project visionaries, developers, and funding conduits get the maximum attention they deserve to achieve their project milestones. Since 1998 when she formed The Stasko Agency, she has helped dozens of entrepreneurs launch companies and gain traction in markets as diverse as technology, media, and hospitality. Her marketing strategies have created inroads for specialized patents, and her foreign market skills have made her an invaluable marketer for Global Business.

Supporting sales efforts

Locally, Lu Stasko is an established resource for Real Estate Developers. Stasko achieves a profitable harmony between sales and marketing. Lu Stasko successfully catapults the developers’ “vision” with a marketing formula that complement how developers actually sell in the market: Her firm creatively supports the sales efforts of real estate agents, her agency’s voluminous rolodex spreads the word in the places where buyers are actually looking, and by contacting the right real estate writers the most alluring stories reach readers. The Stasko Agency “emedia” campaigns perfectly time launch parties. They dazzle guests and give buyers a live “taste” of a development’s lifestyle and aesthetic vision.

Lu Stasko earned her Bachelor’s of Science in marketing from Metropolitan State College in Denver under a Colorado Scholar’s Award. Her academic excellence was inspired by her experience as senior class president in high school.

Keeping ideas fresh and current

“The wisdom of different markets and different areas of expertise is that each industry has something to teach the other,” explains Lu. “I think that’s one of the ways I’m able to keep my ideas fresh and current… It’s also what’s enabled me to help my clients springboard into new markets.” Springboard Marketing is the Stasko Agency’s marketing method that allows her clients to gain profitable exposure in many different markets with diverse audiences. Lu’s knowledge of diverse industries has allowed her to create profitable sub-companies under her brand: WebMaster4Rent, a web optimization company, Bing, a company with a patent plan for cell phone technology, and Prima Research, a cell phone technology company with additional patents pending. Project visionaries turn to The Stasko Agency so they can remain focused on that vision and know their projects are marketed with fantastic return on investment.

A neighborhood presence

Lu Stasko has lived in the Highland area since 1996 and has always been involved in the neighborhood in some way over the years. From participating in the Weed and Seed meetings, to attending neighborhood hearings on land-use issues, to helping plan the first NeighborFest, Lu has been extremely active in the community. Lu’s milestone work in the Highland Neighborhood began in 2002. She joined the Highland United Neighbors, Inc. (HUNI) Board of Directors, where she met many key developers who were passionate about bringing urban and sophisticated building projects to the North Side. Her work has helped to create opportunities for newly formed businesses to market themselves to their own neighborhoods.

In 2007, Lu received the Vincent O’Flaherty Award for significant contribution and commitment to the Highland Neighborhood.

What People Say
I have always counted on Lu when I needed someone to work on a difficult and challenging task. She has been a partner for success.She is professional, hardworking, dedicated and most importantly, optimistic. I look forward to working with her for many years to come. — Ira Frosch, President, Palazzo, Inc.
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