The Stasko Agency is constantly looking for opportunities to create a positive story around our clients as a response to some of the negative news stories we’re seeing. With the recent stories surfacing about unruly parents and coaches losing their cool at games (see: “Parent Attacked Ref at Cheyenne Mountain Game”–Feb 1, 2009), we recognized a chance to highlight Coaches of Excellence and a workshop they had coming up.

Over 100 Colorado Springs coaches gathered for the 90-minute workshop to learn about philosophy and ethics, communication and connecting with the 21st century kid. The story offered a positive spin (and a great solution) to the horrible situations that are making the news these days. Coaches of Excellence got some great coverage, and hopefully gave hope to all the viewers on what can be done to stop these negative scenarios.

We were excited to find the positive side of the story, while showcasing our amazing client and all they are doing to better the world of sports! We’d say this was a victory.