Highland’s Gallop Cafe went 2 for 2 this week, with two different segments on Channel 2 “The Deuce.”

Last Friday, anchor Chris Parente stopped by Gallop for a special tasting of the dinner menu (served Thursday-Saturday). Armed with a flip camera (and a friend to share all the food), Chris filmed the whole experience and then aired the footage on Monday’s Everyday segment. Here’s Chris hamming it up with Owner Glen Baker:

Following rave reviews on Monday morning’s segment, Gallop Cafe headed to the Channel 2 studio to prepare the Soul of Autumn Benedict live on Daybreak. Owner/Chef Dave Grafke and assistant chef Christina Mintu set up a beautiful presentation and got all the ingredients ready.

Click here to check out the pictures we took during set up at the studio.

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We couldn’t have been happier to see Gallop get the kudos they deserve. Watch the segment featuring David Grafke and Tom Green here:

Want a taste of this delicious fall dish? You can try the recipe yourself or simply stop the by Gallop Cafe, located at 32nd & Zuni.