Belgian Dark Chocolate Waffles and #TheBindery

It was just a month ago that The Bindery opened in Highlands, in a great location that features free parking, (what a concept), and a panoramic view of downtown Denver. Built on the site of an old printery, this new modern building takes its name from history. This eclectic marketplace combines a bakery, cafe, bar and fine dining under chef/owner Linda Hampsten Fox. A private chef and caterer, Linda is an artist and her medium of choice is food.  Thank goodness those of us in Denver are the beneficiaries of that expertise.

Trained in Switzerland, France and Italy, in addition to venues in Mexico, The Bindery has created an eclectic menu of flavors featuring Chili Braised Beef Cheeks over parmesan grits, a deconstructed Coq au Vin, the Secret Garden with its own organic, delectable “dirt” and maple carrot jerky, along with a Rabbit Rarebit that had me hopping to grab the last slice….