Landlords in training through AAMD

Too often landlords are depicted in popular culture as despots, slumlords, individuals who care more about turning a profit than they do for the people living in their squalid tenements. The fact is, the majority of landlords are honest, decent, caring people who have a vested interest is providing quality, clean and affordable housing to those who need it.  More than that, they’re small business owners who often need protection and assistance in the ever changing landscape of the rental industry.

Fortunately, there is an organization in Denver dedicated to that very thing; the Apartment Association of Metro Denver.  Created in 1968 as part of the Colorado Apartment Association, the AAMD has a simple, straightforward mission:

To enhance member and association profitability, propserity and professional growth through legislative representation, educational advancement and networking opportunities.

Most of us at some point have had to deal with landlords.  What you probably don’t know are all the things landlords must deal with on a day to day basis when handling rental properties.  Items such as keeping properties up to code, repairs, damage to units, late or non-payments, even choosing the right tenants can be a massive time consuming task.

At the same time, local and state governments are constantly changing and updating laws that often have a negative impact on the rental industry.  The AAMD has a long and successful record of working with legislators and lawmakers to ensure that the rights and concerns of landlords are protected.  But their work goes far beyond that.

AAMD also works with property owners to train them to be quality landlords and educate them on the necessities required in order to provide quality housing for those who need it.

The Stasko Agency has worked with AAMD to help spread the word about the work being done on behalf of both landlords and tenants.  Because ultimately, the more well informed, educated and trained a landlord is, the better equipped they will be to provide a comfortable home for their tenants.  Branding and messaging is vital to successful coverage of AAMD since one of the biggest hurdles facing the association is image.

As stated earlier, even though most landlords do their best, many get lumped in with those that aren’t ethical or cut corners.  As in any industry, there are bad apples, and AAMD works hard to protect those landlords that follow the rules and work with tenants to solve problems and handle any issues that may arise.

The Stasko Agency makes sure that the message of education and training, as well as the list of good works performed by AAMD is mentioned in every article and news story about AAMD.  Perhaps even more important, The Stasko Agency understands that landlords, their properties and AAMD are a great asset to the communities they serve.  Like most people or organizations that work behind the scenes to protect others, few know of AAMD’s existence.  The Stasko Agency is working to make sure that everyone knows about the work they do with landlords, the charities they help and with legislators to ensure the protection of everyone involved in the rental industry, both landlords and tenants.

So the next time you rent an apartment that has working plumbing, heat and AC and clean and liveable, take a moment to thank the AAMD for helping provide a landlord that cares about the product they are selling.