Following a story from start to finish is always a rewarding process, especially when it ends on a positive note. Some of you might recall the hockey team we worked with back in January after they were kicked out of their ice rink in Greeley due to Carbon Monoxide. Once their story was told, the team got a huge response from the community, raising the $6000 needed to update the system. Even Channel 4 “Paid it 4ward” by giving the team a check for $1000.

Last night, the team hosted a thank you to all those that offered their support. Former NHL player Alain Lemieux, who is running a clinic for the players this week, was at the event for a meet and greet with the guests.

We were more than happy to get the story out to the media & were thrilled to see some coverage up in Greeley, even from the Denver news stations! Check out what Channel 9 had to say.

We’re glad to see that a bad situation can be turned around to tell a positive story. Best wishes to all the players of the Renegade Hockey Team!