Stasko Agency Experience:

Since we frequently get inquiries from students interested in working as interns for The Stasko Agency, we thought it might be helpful to hear from our latest intern, Gracia Mboko, a senior at the University of Denver. Gracia will graduate in June with a degree in strategic communications. In the following post, she shares her insight about working with our firm.

Working with Lu has been phenomenal so far. She is a great leader and encompasses so much passion and dedication to her business, which has been inspiring to see.  I have gained a hands-on perspective into the world of public relations and publicity, and the various roles associated with this profession.

The main task I was involved in throughout my internship was helping Lu rebrand herself and build an entirely new website.  This was such an exciting project for me to work on, as I was involved in the decision-making process from the very beginning to the very end. Although it is still a work in progress, every week we have gotten closer to executing Lu’s vision. 

Prior to this task, I had used the website-building tools Wix and WordPress for class assignments. Let me tell you, the pre-built sites they feature, make website development seem a lot easier than it really is. There are hours and hours of research, consultations and trial and error before you can put post anything up in the Web.

A big part of building this site involved figuring out to ensure that it accurately reflected Lu as a person and captured the culture of her work through the content and design.  Attention to details proved to be very important, because everything from choosing a website template, color palettes, fonts, and images plays a role in how the company is perceived and what it represents.  A chief goal was to differentiate The Stasko Agency from all the other competing agencies in Denver, while staying true to Lu’s brand that she has established through her public relations work over the last two decades.

One of the most valuable things I learned from this experience was the importance of relationships. Lu has built strong relationships with her clients, partners and colleagues. Seeing how robust these relationships are has been truly eye-opening. She manages several businesses outside of her agency, has tight-knit relationships with her family members, and is still able to make amazing things happen for her clients.

Lu Stasko is the epitome of a superhero – she does it all! Working for Lu has been a great experience, and has helped me solidify the career path I want to take once I graduate. I am excited about the upcoming projects that I will be fortunate enough to experience with The Stasko Agency.