Part of my job involves educating myself about new media outlets and new industries, so with that in mind, I attended a private event last week hosted by the publisher of the trade magazine Imaging Notes. Imaging Notes is the premier publication for commercial, government and academic remote sensing professionals around the world and it’s based right here in Denver.

Publisher Myrna Yoo, (owner of Blueline Publishing LLC), welcomed more than 125 people all over the country, who were in Denver for ILMF – the International LIDAR Mapping Forum. The event was a great opportunity to network and focused on LIDAR software, (Light Detection And Ranging) a technology that uses remote sensing and light to gather data used in creating maps.

While I don’t deal with remote sensing industry, I enjoyed learning more about the technology involved. I am always on the lookout for new and different opportunities for my clients – even if it is introducing them to new industries (they never thought of before!). You never know what kind of business one can build by marketing to a whole new industry!

For more information, check out Imaging Notes.