With Autumn arriving this weekend, we would like to take a quick look back at the highlights of the summer at The Stasko Agency.

We have been busy getting ready for the highly-anticipated opening of Little Man Ice Cream’s newest shop, The Factory. Housed in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood, The Factory is a whimsical, Willy Wonka-inspired ice cream production facility and tasting room. The Little Man team, led by Paul Tamburello, aimed to create a space that sets the imagination free by creating an interactive experience that engages guests in the ice cream production process.

The Denver Business Journal interviewed Paul Tamburello early this summer about the project. Click here to see the Journal’s sneak peek inside The Factory’s development.

Continuing our work in the restaurant industry, we helped the Colorado Restaurant Association announce the acquisition of its insurance arm, Colorado Restaurant Insurance by Crest Insurance Group. The acquisition will allow the Arizona-based insurer’s to extend its presence in Colorado and providing Colorado Restaurant Insurance with the ability to expand its services. Colorado Restaurant Insurance will operate as Crest Restaurant Insurance and will become part of the Crest Insurance Group family. BusinessDen helped spread the news about the acquisition to Denver’s business community.

Sean Pechan CEO, Crest Restaurant Insurance

Also, on the merger and acquisition front, we helped longtime Stasko Agency client Mudlick Mail announce its merger with Muscle-Up Marketing, a cutting-edge marketing agency focused on the fitness and wellness industry. For Mudlick, the merger is a strategic move that will enable the company to serve a wider range of businesses and expand its digital offerings. We continue to promote Mudlick Mail CEO Tim Ross as an expert in the field of marketing, direct mail and digital media. Click here to read a contributing article we landed for Tim in MotorAge Magazine.

The Stasko Agency also continued the annual tradition of raising money for the Annual LoHi 4th of July Parade and Family Picnic. This year we raised $6,100 in two days (exceeding the $5,000 goal) due to the generosity of the LoHi Merchants. This event continues each year under the direction of Little Man Ice Cream but is sustained by the contribution of the LoHi Merchants. The parade and family picnic drew more than 2,000 attendees (we were happy to pitch in serve a lot of hot dogs) and a slew of bakers who entered 35 pies in the event’s pie contest.

We are thankful for all the new and current clients we have been able to provide publicity and public relations services for these past few months. Here’s to cooler weather!

I would like to take a moment to highlight some of our amazing clients.

Shop Fix Academy 

We are proud to announce our partnership with Aaron Stokes and his company Shop Fix Academy. Based out of Franklin, TN, Shop Fix Academy is an online, accredited, educational platform for auto shop owners and managers to learn the skills necessary to run their business. Aaron and his team provide their students with online video courses that cover a wide variety of management topics as well as marketing advice and employee management. Aaron owns four EuroFix and two AutoFix locations as well as hosting his own radio show in Tennessee where he talks about his first love, auto repair. Our work with Shop Fix Academy has garnered them recognition in several Auto Industry magazines including, MotorAge Magazine, Parts and People, Ratchet + Wrench and Tire Review.

PAN Denver

We helped launch PAN-Denver a Patient Advocacy Nurse program owned by Lisa Bushman R.N. After 30 years at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Lisa wanted to extend her reach further and started PAN Denver in July. As a Patient Advocate Nurse Lisa will be able to help the “Sandwich Generation” navigate the struggles of caring for their elderly parents or their chronically ill children. Lisa has experience working with doctors in many different specialties and would be able to translate difficult medical lingo, manage prescriptions and create detailed logs of doctor’s visits and hospital stays. Her work is so valuable to anyone caring for a loved one and we are so happy to be spreading the word about her valuable work. Lisa was recently interviewed for the Denver Business Journal and we are so excited to help her grow her business.



Lisa Bushman and her new car decal for her newly launched business.

Reed Art + Imaging

One of the highlights of our year so far has been our work with a long time Denver residents Reed Art + Imaging. At the end of last year, we were approached by their team to assist them with their struggles regarding the Federal Expansion Project. They decided to re-locate their business from Federal to the ever-growing 40W Arts District and we are so glad they did because their new space in the old Harley-Davidson building on Colfax is stunning and brimming with potential. Despite the hardships of being forced to move we are so happy to see something positive come out of this story and are looking forward to Reed’s Re-Grand Opening later this year.



Photo from a Denver Post article featuring Reed Art + Imaging. Photo Credit: Andy Cross with the Denver Post

City of Wheat Ridge 

Another highlight of 2017 has been our continued partnership with the City of Wheat Ridge and the Wheat Ridge Education Alliance. Wheat Ridge High School has a fantastic STEM program that is a part of the Jeffco Public Schools Vision 20/20 program that helps students prepare for the work-force. The Wheat Ridge Transcript ran a front-page article highlighting some of the benefits of these programs. We are very proud of our work with Wheat Ridge schools and were excited to see where the rest of the year takes us.

The Bindery 

In the Fall of this year, Chef and Food Entrepreneur, Linda Hampsten-Fox will be opening her restaurant The Bindery on 1817 Central St. We are all very excited for the opening of her restaurant that will serve inspired eats, morning, noon and night with an urban marketplace atmosphere. We have been working with Linda to garner press for her opening as well as some of the events she’s hosted leading up to it. A highlight was Linda speaking with celebrity-chef Andrew Zimmern at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival.



Chef Linda Hampsten-Fox and Andrew Zimmern at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival


We have so many other fantastic clients that you will be hearing more about over the coming months. We look forward to providing our readers with more content, thank you as always for your support.

Hello Everyone!
My name is Samantha Cox and I’m happy to introduce myself as Lu’s new personal assistant at The Stasko Agency. I have a BA in Cinema Arts and Sciences from Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in Writing.  I am thrilled to be able to bring elements of my degree into a creative setting while also utilizing my years in customer service. I grew up in Greenwood Village, CO but I recently moved to the highlands in August 2015. It has been a delight to work with Lu on many local clients and have gained a passion and appreciation for my new community. I look forward to the opportunity to grow professionally with Lu and the Stasko Agency while helping the agency move towards the future.
Currently, I am working on October/Halloween event planning and promotion for Latigo Mexican Restaurant. We are excited to create new yearly events for one of Denver’s best restaurants and we hope to see you at one of our fabulous events!


Image provided by NBC Philadelphia.

Vice President Joe Biden paid visit to Denver recently to discuss college and the economy with Mayor Michael Hancock. The VP and the Mayor took a break from all their hard work and headed over to Little Man Ice Cream for a creamy and delicious break.  
The Stasko Agency has been the agency of record for Little Man Ice Cream since its very start. We are pleased to see such a well-known and highly respected public figure paying a visit to the iconic ice cream shop.


Image provided by CBS Denver.
Vice President Joe Biden paid visit to Denver recently to discuss college and the economy with Mayor Michael Hancock. The VP and the Mayor took a break from all their hard work and headed over to Little Man Ice Cream for a creamy and delicious break.  
The Stasko Agency has been the agency of record for Little Man Ice Cream since its very start. We are pleased to see such a well-known and highly respected public figure paying a visit to the iconic ice cream shop.

We are so happy for this small mom and pop shop to have so many big successes. For more of what’s going on at Little Man Ice Cream, check out there calendar and press pages here.


The Stasko Agency is a proud representative of the Denver Independent Brokers or DIBS, as it is known. For years they have been an outstanding resource for our other real estate clients. DIBS consists of 50 participating companies with a grand total of 80 members that range from brokers to a wide variety of real estate affiliates. 

Being an eclectic group of small independent firms benefits both the client and the group’s members. For clients, having so much insight from so many different angles, experiences and skillsets provide more perspective and better decision making. For the members, they have an opportunity to absorb new knowledge and explore new opportunities in the field. 
Although they maintain a professional business practice, DIBS meetings are not short of any entertainment. They keep work fun with a little bit of playful banter and a lot of laughs! 
For more information of DIBS please visit their website at http://dibsonline.com/.


This past weekend marked the LoHi Neighborhood’s 8th Annual 4th of July Parade and Family Picnic. The Stasko Agency has been involved with the fundraising for this event, helping to make it happen each and every year since its inaugural event in 2008. The event has become a great tradition for people of all ages in the LoHi Neighborhood and has continued to flourish over the years. Of course, that success would not be possible without numerous generous donations made by many of our LoHi Merchants. The LoHi Merchants who stepped up to show their support were, as follows:

We would like to thank all of the LoHi Merchants for their generous contributions. With your help we raised $5,350 in just two days. WOW!



The parade  and picnic featured a marching band, bouncing castle, and a 100 foot long sundae provided by Little Man Ice Cream.   
We hope you made it out to enjoy the fun this year, but if not, we’ll see you next year.





Summer is certainly the time for barbecues, relaxation and fun in the sun. And if you’re anything like the City of Wheat Ridge, it’s time for ribbon cuttings. In the past few months Wheat Ridge has hosted ribbon cutting ceremonies for Clancy’s Irish Pub, Hopper Hollow Park, Grammy’s Goodies, and – the two most recent – Sprouts and Starbucks.  

The new Sprouts and Starbucks took over the lot on 38th and Kipling, giving the area a refreshing new look and vibe – something the neighborhood has been looking forward to for some time now.  

In addition to the new shopping center and popular coffee shop, the 6.3 acre project is also now home to MorningStar Senior Living Center. The center includes 64 units and includes a memory care center for their residents. The new development gives a fresh and inviting look to the corner and adds to the essence of Wheat Ridge. Read more about what the Denver Post says about MorningStar, Sprouts, and Starbucks Grand Openings here. 
See you at the next ribbon cutting July 29th at 3:00 p.m. to welcome Wheat Ridge Learning Academy into the neighborhood. You can read more about the Wheat Ridge Learning Academy here.

Hello Everyone!  
My name is Tayler Latham and I’m happy to introduce myself as Lu’s summer intern over at The Stasko Agency. I am about to enter my senior year at Colorado State University as a Journalism Major with a concentration on Public Relations and a Business Minor. Through my studies at CSU, I have obtained skills pertaining to news writing, social media management, and PR. I spent this last semester interning for the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando, Florida. There I was able to connect with marketing professionals, enhance my social media skills, and get hands on experience in the corporate world. I met many amazing people and had many unforgettable experiences and I’m excited to bring what I learned into my future endeavors.  
 I’m thrilled to start this new adventure with Lu and The Stasko Agency. I look forward to applying knowledge from my college courses to the real world and absorbing all the tips and tricks Lu has up her sleeve.   
Currently, I am working on the social media for the City of Wheat Ridge and press for the Highland’s 8th Annual 4th of July Parade and Family Picnic at Hirshorn Park. I can’t wait to see what all this internship has in store and look forward to meeting and working with you all. 

At the Stasko Agency, we’re blessed to work with some of Denver’s most visionary entrepreneurs. Take John Burr, for example.  A decade ago, he opened a live music venue and pizzeria in neighborhood that was up and coming but still hadn’t arrived. Today, Burr’s baby – The Walnut Room – is positioned in the heart of what is now known as RiNo, one of city’s hippest hubs. Being a pioneer isn’t always easy, so Burr and his team deserve a hearty congratulations for marking their 10th anniversary Friday, January 9th.

To celebrate, The Walnut Room will host a big bash from 5 pm to 11 pm featuring, complimentary pizza and appetizers, drink specials and a free performances from Adrienne O, Andy Palmer, Roo & The Howl, Matt Hoffman and DJ Social Lubrication.

Over the last decade, The Walnut Room has gained a reputation as premier music venue, hosting
local bands as well as established national acts, including One Eskimo, Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band) Brenden Bayliss (Umphrey’s Mcgee), Trout Steak Revival, Simon Townshend (of The Who), Jewel, Churchill and The Fray. The pizzeria has also gaining a following for its thin-crust pies and an expanding menu that includes an array of salads and sandwiches.

Westword and On the Town Columnist Penny Parker have helped us spread the word about The Walnut Room’s success. You can read Westword’s piece here and Penny’s column here.

We hope to see you at the celebration. For more information click here.

One of the biggest issues we run into as an agency is talking to clients about social media.  For many, social media can be a big ball of confusion that takes time away from more important day-to-day business issues.  The three main questions we hear are:
How do I quantify my social media campaigns?
How do I use social media successfully without spending too much money?
How do I find time to post everything I need to post?
Nobody becomes a social media expert overnight.  And the good news is that you don’t have to be a “techie” to use social media effectively.  It’s as easy as snapping a photo and posting it from your phone…and it only needs to take a few minutes every day.
The Time Drain Myth:
You might have heard that in order for your social media campaign to work, you need to post constantly and across many platforms.  While that is one way to do it, you don’t have to spend hours on your computer to be a success at social media.  You can post from your phone, your tablet or your computer whenever you have a few free moments.  It takes just a few seconds to post a picture from your phone, or to update your status or to reply to a customer. 
The best thing you can do is simply set aside ten minutes every day, or every other day to update your social media platforms.  That’s all it takes.  Chances are you’ve already scheduled other important to-do items in your day, add this to your list and stay consistent.  Ten minutes out of your day is more than enough time and can have spectacular results.
Too Many Platforms:
With the advent of technology, it can be confusing when trying to figure out which social media platforms to use.  There are literally hundreds of options, including LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Digg, Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the various Google platforms.
Find two or three that you are comfortable with and figure out how to use them effectively.  If you only use Facebook and Twitter, then learn how to use them well.  The same holds true for if you only use LinkedIn and Tumblr.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  Find the two or three that you feel you can use quickly and effectively and stick with them.  At some point in the future, you can expand if you’re comfortable in doing so.
Quantifying Content:
The biggest mistake businesses make when using social media is sharing poor content.  Remember, we are a visual society, so use photos and videos whenever possible.  More important than that, though, is how you present your content. 
Give your customers a call to action with your posts.  Offer deals, ask questions, start conversations.  The biggest impact your efforts will have is in being interactive with your friends and followers.  If you offer a special, or post a deal, give it a time limit and then track the sales that are a direct result of your posts.  This is an easy way to quantify your efforts. 
This is a great way to not only attract new customers, but to build brand loyalty as well.  Plus, if you regularly post specials or deals, word of mouth will help you grow your friends and followers list.  Social media is a great way to connect to customers and potential customers.
In short, social media is an extremely effective way to communicate with your customers and potential customers and you can do so in a way that doesn’t cost you a ton of money or time.  Follow these tips and you’ll soon be a business social media wizard:
1.     Set aside ten minutes every day or every other day to update your social media posts.
2.     Post from your phone or tablet when you have extra time
3.     Find two or three platforms and use those exclusively to start
4.     Use photos and video liberally
5.     Start conversations and offer deals or specials to your friends and followers and encourage them to help spread your posts.
The final tip is to be patient.  You won’t just start posting on Facebook and suddenly find hundreds of new customers banging on your door.  It takes time to build a community of customers, friends and followers.  But if you’re consistent, you’ll grow your social media circle and, in turn, your customer base will grow as well.  Social media does work and in today’s market, chances are if you’re not using social media, you’re not reaching the full potential of your business.