Rice delivered to a small village in Peru by LIttle Man Ice Cream as part of the Scoop for Scoop program

One of the greatest things about the the LoHi Merchants Group is that it’s much more than a simple collection of successful businesses.  It’s also a conglomeration of entrepreneurs, neighbors, friends and individuals who firmly believe in giving back to those who have helped them achieve their dreams.

This philanthropy doesn’t just extend to those who live in and around the LoHi area, though, as recently demonstrated by Little Man Ice Cream.  Since opening its doors in 2008, Little Man has been involved in a program called “Scoop for Scoop”.  Spearheaded by Little Man owner, Paul Tamburello, Little Man Ice Cream has been donating one scoop of rice for every scoop of ice cream they sell.

Recently, Tamburello and General Manager Loren Martinez travelled to Cambodia, along with other caregivers, to distribute the rice to villagers desperately in need of food and health care.  Watch the video below to see some of the people helped by Little Man’s donations.  You can also go to their Vimeo page here to see and share the video with friends.

Scoop for Scoop from Jacob Truax on Vimeo.

Little Man has sent donations to villages all across the world, including Myanmar, Senegal, Haiti and Peru. In order to ensure that every grain of rice reaches those truly in need, Little Man purchases the rice from local villages and towns and then distributes it personally to those in need.

This is just one example of the charitable actions taken by many of the LoHi merchants every day of the year. Along with the several Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives and free dinners, LoHi merchants have a long record of assisting those in need.

The Stasko Agency is proud to be a part of such a caring and giving group of businesses and individuals who spend not just money, but time and sincere effort to provide food, comfort and care to those who need it most, not only in our neighborhood, city or state, but across the world. The Little Man Ice Cream, “Scoop for Scoop” program is still going strong. You can get more details, see pics of previous trips and even keep tabs on how many donations are being made daily by going to the Little Man website.

 So with Summer just around the corner, the next time you need a little bit of delicious, homemade ice cream to cool you down when the temperatures start to rise, consider stopping by Little Man. The scoop of ice cream won’t just be a great break for you, it’ll also be helping feed a family in a part of the world that could really use the help.

After two hard years of work, our dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs at WebbChange are making their dream a reality with the launch of their revolutionary social search application, WebbChange.com!

WebbChange.com combines functions of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Digg, StumbleUpon and Google, to create a “social stock market” for websites and articles. Users are able to organize, search, share and assign value to interesting and relevant content on the web using a new virtual currency called, you guessed it, WebbChange.

We’re blown away by what we’ve seen so far, and predict big things for this site in the coming weeks and months as users continue to populate the site.

Now here’s where you come in:

To kick start the launch and spread the word to the masses, WebbChange has entered the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “I am Free Enterprise” video contest. The top 25 viewed videos by April 16th (this Friday!) will be selected to to advance to the next round with an opportunity to win up to $50,000 that can be used toward their venture.

Travis Russell (founder) and Bill Clanton (CEO) are looking for support in the form of video views. Help out The Stasko Agency and WebbChange by checking out the 3 min WebbChange video entry:

(Can’t see the video? Click here to visit their YouTube page.)

Every view is a vote, so don’t hesitate to share it with friends/family/co-workers and everyone else you know. For more information about the “I am Free Enterprise” competition, check out www.freeenterprise.com

Congrats to WebbChange on this exciting and literally “web-changing” launch!