Circle Fresh Farms CEO Rich Naha shows investors his latest crop
The latest business to shine in the “Stasko Spotlight” this week is Circle Fresh Farms.  It’s a small company making a big impact in Colorado, but it’s also changing the way an entire industry does business.

In short, Circle Fresh Farms LLC, based out of Wheat Ridge,  is using hydroponic technology and a network of local farmers to promote a new approach to farming.  This new approach uses no dirt and climate controlled greenhouses to grow “four to five times” more produce per square foot than more traditional farms, all at one-tenth the water.

The Stasko Agency is proud to work with a company on the cutting edge of their industry.  The earned media we have been able to secure for Circle Fresh Farms has helped position them as a leader in their industry and assisted in their growth since their founding in 2011. So far, Circle Fresh Farms has been able to secure $900,000 in funding to expand its network of greenhouse growers.

Among our most recent placements for Circle Fresh Farms LLC, is this month’s feature story in the Denver Business Journal, which you can read by clicking here.  The Stasko Agency believes in promoting businesses that work toward sustainability and are environmentally conscious.  In fact, by helping to promote Circle Fresh Farms LLC,  we are also promoting the success of the local growers working with the innovative startup. 

This quote from Circle Fresh Farms CEO Rich Naha is from our latest release about their growth. 

“We’ve accomplished a lot in less than two years. We’ve secured key relationships with ten different network farmers and established our brand among suppliers,” said Circle Fresh Farms CEO Rich Naha. ”We’re ready to take this to the next level  – to expand into new regions by working with retailers with a national reach.”

This release secured several stories both locally and in newspapers and trade publications nationally. 

Currently, CFF’s network stretches from Pueblo to Longmont with plans to expand even further in 2013.  We are thrilled that we have been part of Circle Fresh Farms’ growth over the past year and even more thrilled to note that last year the company posted a 60 percent growth in revenues and is expected to more than triple that growth in 2013. 
You can always find the latest news on Circle Fresh Farms LLC at our website, or at their website,

You can find Circle Fresh Farms produce at area Whole Foods stores, which soon hopes to be able to allow customers to harvest their own produce from store displays.
Keep an eye on us to keep up with the latest from this fast growing and innovative Colorado company!

Since it began in 1993, the National Cohousing Conference has been held across the country, drawing in cohousing residents, professionals, community organizers, architects, and sustainability experts from around the world. This year, The Stasko Agency has been asked to play a role in spreading the word about this amazing event and educating the media and public about the movement of cohousing!

Scheduled for June 18th-20th at the University of Colorado-Boulder, the National Cohousing Conference will focus on the theme “Sustainability through Community.” Highlights of the event include: CoHo University with intensive workshops; Featured Speakers; Community Tours; Conference Sessions with more than 60 presentations; and a fundraising banquet.

Time out: What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a form of intentional neighborhood in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own community. In cohousing, residents know their neighbors well and enjoy a strong sense of community that is typically absent in contemporary cities and suburbs.

Cohousing communities consist of private, fully equipped dwellings and extensive common amenities including a common house and recreation areas. Most communities forge a strong partnership with a professional development team. Together they create a custom-built, resident-managed, close-knit neighborhood that offers a healthy balance of privacy and community. The six defining characteristics of cohousing are:1) Participatory process; 2) Neighborhood design; 3) Common facilities; 4) Resident management. 5) Non-hierarchical structure and decision-making; 6) No shared community economy.

Once a small grassrootsy collection of cohousers, the annual event now attracts over 300 people from around the United States and beyond, with the 2009 conference drawing attendees from 10 countries.

Key speakers for this year’s conference include: Bill McKibben, environmentalist and author (June 18), Dave Wann, author and community expert, (June 18), Charles Durrett, architect and author (June 20), and Kathryn McCamant, architect and cohousing expert (June 20).

Registration for this multi-day conference is still open and available to the general public. Visit for more information!

In the meanwhile, take some time to learn about cohousing & what it means for the residents. Check out What is Cohousing? to learn more about how the communities come together or read research findings on Commonly Asked Questions. Pretty incredible stuff!