If you’re an entrepreneur looking for capital to grow your business, we’ve got good news. In September, Denver-area business owners will have the chance to impress a panel of angel investors at an event modeled after the ABC show, Shark Tank. Sponsored by a group of Southern California investors,  The Guppy Tank bills itself as more of a funding opportunity, rather than a competition among entrepreneurs vying for cold hard cash.

 In fact, Darrin Ginsberg, founder of The Guppy Tank, views the unusual funding model as a way of “jump starting the economy and spur the growth of local businesses.” The Stasko Agency has been working with Darrin and his firm, Super G Funding, LLC, to spread the word about The Guppy Tank, which is slated to provide up to $500,000 in equity investments and loans to as many as 10 Denver-area entrepreneurs on September 12 at Galvanize, a co-working space for independent firms.

Darrin Ginsberg promoting The Guppy Tank to media outlets

The Guppy Tank is searching for businesses that have been operating for at least a year and employ less than 75 people. Entrepreneurs must also have a clear-cut plan detailing how they plan to use potential funds and how those funds will advance their businesses. To participate, interested business owners should fill out an online application at www.guppytank.com by September 8.

Denver’s Guppy Tank will mark the first time Super G Funding has held an event outside California. The Denver event will also be open to the public, who will get to see eager entrepreneurs make their case for funding. In addition to much-needed capital, business owners who win funding, will also have the opportunity to work with the “Guppies’ to gain guidance on how to best grow their businesses.

The Guppy Tank has already captured the attention of the Denver Business Journal, which wrote about the event in its July 20 edition. Click here to read a preview of the article.

Help us raise awareness about this innovative event, by urging your entrepreneurial friends to apply.

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