We’ve heard a lot of trumpeting about the virtues of remote work in the last 2 years… expanded flexibility, increased productivity, decreased overhead expenses. But besides the decrying of “Zoom fatigue,” we’re not talking enough about what this new world of virtual work is costing us.

1. Use Intention and Creativity to Drive Human Connection

What’s it like for employees to go months at a new job without ever meeting their colleagues in person? How do teams rally around a shared purpose when they’re not telling stories in the hallway, or seeing each other’s successes and lessons first-hand?

Organizations are made up of humans, who have a deep need for connection and a sense of purpose. That need can be fulfilled in a virtual world of work, but not without intention and creativity. It simply won’t happen by accident, and organizations that fail to pay attention to this need are putting themselves at massive risk when it comes to building and maintaining connected, fulfilled, and profitable teams.

2.  Rally Your Team Around Their Shared Purpose

At The Stasko Agency, we’ve been diligently designing the antidote to this emerging problem of disconnected, disengaged teams. We call it Your Evolution Story (YES), and it leverages the power of storytelling to provide what we’re all yearning for: connection and purpose.

None of us has emerged from the last 2 years without a story to tell. Your Evolution Story will help your team see, shape, and share their stories, individually and collectively. 

3.  Propel Your Team into the Future… Together

Through a designed experience available as individual sessions and team workshops, we lead your team on a journey of discovery, helping them mine their experience for the story of their evolution and then share that story with others. We’ll also help your team write a new collective story that rallies them around a shared purpose and propels them into the future… together.

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It’s a win for your team, for your organization, and for humans.

If you’re ready to give your people what they want (connection and purpose), let’s connect.


Americans are increasingly turning to alternative therapies to maintain their health and wellness. In fact, in 2016, the New York Times reported that U.S. spending on alternative and complementary medicines and procedures was $30.2 billion annually.

While consumers are embracing alternative health options, marketing an alternative wellness business can still be a bit tricky. Alternative treatments often require a lot of explanation or can be met with skepticism. That’s why Angie Larson, owner of Intrinsic Wellbeing turned to The Stasko Agency for help.

Our YES (Your Evolution Story) service turned out to be a great fit for Angie, whose business had evolved from offering services focused on physical wellness to include others emphasizing mental and spiritual health. In particular, Angie needed help explaining her work as an energy healer.

We developed an easy-to-understand presentation tracing Angie’s journey to energy healing with compelling visuals so potential clients could better understand this unique service and its benefits.

Since Angie’s website mainly featured stock photos, we also spent time capturing images of Angie in action to better illustrate her story and persona. We knew that having authentic photos of Angie would also help build her Internet profile and drive traffic to her site.

Finally, we created an online sparkdeck  and a hardcopy book of the sparkdeck for Angie to share with her potential clients and students.

Through this process we uncovered Angie’s passion for sharing her skills with other practitioners who want to add spiritual work to the services they offer their clients. To that end, Angie has launched classes to teach energy healing. We’ll be working on outreach to other wellness providers to educate them about Angie’s new offerings.

If your business has evolved or you simply need to find a new way to reconnect with your audiences, we’d love to help. Our YES service is a great way to identify your key messages and determine the best way to convey those messages to the people you most want to reach. For more information visit

Angie is hosting an AMAZING Transformational and Healing Retreat May 28 – June 4th, 2022 in Marina Chacala, Nayarit Mexico  –  Click here for more information Retreat .


Many of us have had to shift our business strategies or evolve how we do business over the last year. I have found that more and more of my clients are trying to find a way to tell the story of that evolution.  Spurred by demand for that service, I recently partnered with a few bad-ass colleagues to form the YES (Your Evolution Story) Story Squad, and we are making it our mission to help businesses mine their experiences of the last year so they can see, shape, and share their evolution stories with the world.

Our unique YES process is designed to help business owners overcome the challenges that often accompany a big change. We help you:

  • Discover and connect your new story with your “why” and what’s important to you now.
  • Rally your team around a shared vision of who you are now.
  • Engage your team to tell their new story and a shared vision of who they are now.
  • Share your story with the media/press and your current and future customers in a condensed, easy-to-access format.
  • Clarify your marketing message and uncover new emerging market opportunities.
  • Identify new possibilities for your work/business and define next steps.

The YES Story Squad includes a Visual Strategist, Narrative Storyteller, Strategic Publicist, and Social Media Orchestrator.  With our expert guidance, you’ll be able to see and celebrate your company and how you serve your customers now. You’ll have a renewed sense of connection with your customers, and the confidence and clarity that will allow you to see new opportunities to expand your customer base and the value you provide your community.

Check out these other businesses who have recently said YES:

Happy Dog Adventures—an established business looking for ways to share the founder’s story and expand her market reach.

Jonathan Siegel—a solopreneur (and heart transplant survivor!) creating a brand new business and looking for a way to tell his story.

Rebecca Saltman—a social impact entrepreneur whose business is evolving right this very moment!


Do people need to get to know you again?  Are you ready to say YES, too? Let’s chat about how this new approach could benefit your business. Send me an email here or call 720-404-4507 and let’s discuss how to get your story told.