Juan Padro is a huge hit in LoHi

We recently posted about the opening of Old Major (see the entry below if you missed it).  But there are a ton of other exciting things going on in our neighborhood we wanted to let you know about.
Over the past few months, a number of wonderful businesses have moved into, or opened up, in our area.  Of course, there’s Old Major, which just had its grand opening and is already packed with customers daily.  Here are a few of the others you might have missed:
As you can see, we continue to grow by leaps and bounds with some wonderful new business.  In the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated on the growth and success of these new business and others that open their doors in our neighborhood.  Check out the websites for these businesses and make sure to help us spread the word about the LoHi Area.
In Other News:
While these new businesses have already opened their doors in LoHi, one established business is getting a facelift and a brand new pub is set to open this Spring.  
One of the personalities behind Katie Mullen’s in downtown Denver and a familiar face in Denver’s pub scene, Paul Maye, is currently in the process of converting the old “Rockstar Bar” at 3358 Mariposa into LoHi’s newest Irish Pub.  The new pub is still a couple of months away from opening.  Another British-style pub, Churchill’s Public House, is also set to open its doors this Spring at 1560 Boulder St.  Click here to check out the recent write up in Westword for more details on these new pubs coming to LoHi.
Old Major

Once again, The LoHi Area is home to another of Denver’s newest and hippest restaurants.  LoHi foodies celebrated the opening of “Old Major,” the latest concept of Katie O’ Shea and Juan Padro.  This time, Katie and Juan are partnering with Chef Justin Brunson owner of Masterpiece Deli, to create a LoHi restaurant featuring contemporary farmhouse cuisine, or as their tagline says: “Seafood, Swine and Wine!” 

Already the buzz is picking up about this great new restaurant.  Even before Old Major opened its doors, local critics were anticipating the unique menu, comfortable atmosphere and quality service.  Of course, Katie and Juan’s record of success and Chef Brunson’s expertise in the kitchen didn’t hurt.  As long as a year ago, Westword was already writing about Old Major.  Chef Brunson was quoted as saying, “I think this is a restaurant that’s going to be great for Highland,” Brunson predicts. “This is where my career really took off, and I think there’s a need for high-end bistro fare up here. It’s been a long time coming, and the space is nothing short of awesome.”
Now that the doors are actually opened and customers are flocking to sample the fare, other critics are starting to pay attention as well.  For example, check out a recent story about LoHi’s latest addition in the Denver Post.

We at the Stasko Agency have had the pleasure of working with Katie and Juan to promote their other restaurant, Highland Tap and Burger.  It is a thrill for us to see their continued success in the LoHi Area.

One of our biggest goals at the Stasko Agency is to help promote the LoHi Area and its ever growing list of merchants.  It’s such an amazing neighborhood with fantastic restaurants, a thriving arts scene and or course there’s our popular nightlife.  If you have any information you want us to pass along regarding events, activities, openings or closings in LoHi, please leave us a message here or email us directly at Lu@staskoagency.com.

For those of you who are LoHi residents, you can make a reservation at Old Major by emailing Mary@oldmajordenver.com, just put “Friend of Katie and Juan” in the subject line.  They’ll take care of all your dietary options as well. 

Keep supporting local LoHi businesses and we’ll keep getting the word out to the rest of the Metro Area about Old Major and the rest of the businesses in our gem of a neighborhood.

For more information about Old Major, visit:
or find them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/OldMajorDenver
You can also follow them on Twitter: @OldMajorDenver